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Winnebago ultimate upgrade

Discover the ultimate freedom of off-grid living with the Winnebago motorhome that has been meticulously outfitted to cater to your every need! This exceptional vehicle is equipped with a range of top-of-the-line components from Victron, ensuring that you can enjoy seamless and efficient power management no matter where your adventures take you.

This motorhome is equipped with an array of impressive Victron components, including the powerful Victron Multiplus 2 3000W Inverter/Charger, the reliable Victron 50A DC Charger, the advanced Victron Cerbo GX with the Touch 70 for comprehensive monitoring and control, and the innovative Victron SmartShunt Battery Monitor. In addition, it is outfitted with Victron 100/50 and Victron 150/35 MPPT Solar Controllers to efficiently manage the 1200W of roof-mounted solar panels, enabling you to utilize solar power wherever your travels take you.

Supported by three 200Ah Renogy Lithium Batteries, this sturdy system offers the reliability and stamina needed for long off-grid trips. As the cabinetry work is almost finished and the Touch 70 is about to be relocated for better accessibility, this motorhome is nearly prepared to embark on memorable journeys.

If you are excited about embarking on road trips without the constraints of expensive caravan parks and crowded locations, our team is here to help you design a customized system tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to start planning your off-grid living adventure with a personalized system just for you. 🚐🔋🌍

Prepare to expand your horizons and explore without boundaries, as this Winnebago

motorhome empowers you to roam freely and embrace the wonders of the world. 🌍🚐🔋


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