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Nathan Donahoo

About Us

My name is Nathan. I am the owner of Coast Custom 12 Volt and I love cars!

I have a couple of project cars that I am currently working on (64 EH sedan and 54 Ford Mainline).
I'm passionate about my beautiful classic cars but I also love my 4WD's and the outdoors.
At Coast Custom 12 Volt we understand that your vehicle is an important, valuable and often a much relied upon asset in your life. We we will look after it as if it was our own. 

I have over 15 years' experience working in the automotive and marine industry. 

I am very passionate about ensuring my technical skills and product knowledge is current and I stay abreast of the latest industry developments. 

At Coast Custom 12 Volt we always promise to: 

  • Communicate clearly with you about our pricing

  • Tailor made quotes to suit your needs

  • Explain what your options are and offer pricing alternatives if they are available

  • Never sell you services you don’t require or use inferior parts on your vehicle

  • Complete the job in as an efficient time frame as possible to minimise labour costs 

  • Keep you well informed and always contact you in advance if additional costs arise and obtain your approval before proceeding with the work.  At Coast Custom 12 Volt we are all about friendly service! 
    We hope you will find us relaxed, friendly and approachable. 
    We want our customers to know how much we appreciate their business, 
    no matter how big or small the job.

    - Nathan Donahoo -


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