Our passion for Dual Batteries!

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Coast Custom specialises in designing and installing Dual Battery and Battery Management Systems fully customised to suit each customer’s individual specifications and requirements.

Every dual battery system should always be optimised to 2 important factors:

1) The Vehicle

  • Many vehicles today have complex electrical components and computers it is imperative the your dual battery system is set up correctly and delivers the right amount of charge for your batteries.

  • Ensuring your dual battery system is tested and correctly integrated with your vehicle and all of your accessories to ensure they work in together in harmony.

​2) The Mission (or purpose)

  • Remote Travel: Experience the freedom of heading ‘off the grid’ and being completely self-sufficient.

  • On the Job: Operating and charging cameras and audio visual equipment and with a 240v Inverter run electric power tools and replace noisy generators.

  • Camping: Power all of your 12 volt accessories without any worry of draining your start battery - Fridges, lighting, cooking appliances and with a 240v Inverter even run your laptop, TV and Espresso machine!

  • 4 Wheel Driving: Operate winches, compressors or just keeping the food and drinks cold in the car fridge.

  • Peace of Mind: Self Jump Start Systems - Peace of mind knowing you will never be stuck somewhere with a flat battery!

  • Camper Trailer & Caravan Battery Systems: With Solar and/or Vehicle charging input.

  • or "Insert your Mission here"

​Examples of Dual Battery System configurations Coast Custom can create for your vehicle:

  • Under Bonnet Dual Battery Systems

  • 4WD Canopy Dual Battery Systems

  • Ute Tray/Tub Mounted Dual Battery Systems

  • Drawer Mounted Dual Battery Systems

  • Chassis Mounted Dual Battery Systems

  • Customised Dual Battery Systems

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